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We are passionate about our work and have witnessed first hand how therapy can help clients in better knowing who they are, what they need and what they can do to bring about change.

You are assured of confidentiality and we uphold the BACP code of ethics. We are committed to ongoing professional development, training and supervision and we work closely as a team supporting each other to deliver the best service possible to our clients.

Nicky Gething


I work in a warm, supportive and conversational way, with the aim of establishing a strong and trusting relationship with you, where we can explore what is troubling you. Through therapy we seek to understand ourselves more fully and come to terms with the legacy of our past experiences. By understanding ourselves better we can make better choices for ourselves.

I have worked extensively in the charity sector working both with adult clients at Mind as well as students and young adults at Off The Record, a youth counselling service.

Prior to my career as a therapist I worked at BBC Worldwide marketing childrens and animation programmes internationally before taking a career break to bring up my family.

I hold a PG Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and an MSc in Humanistic Psychotherapy at Metanoia Institute London. I am a registered member of BACP and UKCP accredited, which means I adhere to the requisite ethical standards of those governing bodies. 

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Joanne Bell


I am an experienced integrative counsellor and psychotherapist, which means that I am trained to work in a variety of different ways to help you with your personal and emotional problems. I will listen closely and without judgement to what you say, and together we will explore your issues.

Facing up to problems and coming forward for counselling can daunting. However, I aim to put you at your ease by creating an open, accepting and informal space. Together we can identify the roots of your difficulties, what change might look like and what steps you can take to help you feel better.

I am very happy to work with you ‘in person’ or online, depending on your preference and convenience. I use the secure conferencing platform Zoom for online sessions. 

I have an MA Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Roehampton and BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling.

I have experience of working in youth and adult counselling services and also in cancer and bereavement therapy.

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Laurent Briant

MBA, MSc, Dip Psych. UKCP & BACP registred

My experience has included leadership roles, consulting and coaching in large organisations. The focus of my Masters in Organisational Change was on wellbeing at work; exploring psychological safety and its impact on employee engagement.

I have been counselling individuals on behalf of a number of charities including Richmond Borough Mind (Mental Health Charity). In 2019 I completed a psychiatric observational placement at The Maudsley Hospital to help inform my understanding of mental health.

Drawing from a range of different therapeutic approaches and theories I have worked with many different clients facing a range of challenges including anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addiction.

I adopt a holistic approach to wellbeing – understanding the importance of physical wellbeing alongside attending to emotional and mental health. With a special interest in relational neuroscience and trauma, my aim is to help clients make sense of what they  are going through so that the process is practical and understandable.

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Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson

A qualified psychotherapist, I hold both a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling from Metanoia Institute, London. I am a registered member of BACP and UKCP Accredited which means that I adhere to the requisite ethical standards of those governing bodies.

You have taken the first courageous step towards seeking help and your reasons for doing so will be unique to you. It may be that you are suffering from anxiety, depression or unhealthy patterns of relating. The reason might be less obvious but ultimately what brings anyone to therapy is the sense that life feels difficult in some way. Whatever your struggle, I offer a clear, boundaried, therapeutic relationship which allows you the safety and freedom to explore difficult feelings and issues.

Therapy is a deeply personal endeavour which offers opportunity for healing, self-discovery and growth. It can also evoke a range of emotions which are sometimes uncomfortable but can offer hope for a new beginning. My approach is one of support and challenge from which I aim to facilitate understanding and lasting change. Crucially, I bring to the process my own experience of healing through therapy; this enables me to be wholeheartedly beside you as you embark on yours.

Alongside Adult Psychotherapy, I am an experienced Student Counsellor and work with students and young adults (18+).

My interest lies in attachment and the enduring impact of broken attachments in adulthood. I have experience of working with complex and co-morbid eating disorders and survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


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