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We all experience difficulties or distress at some point in our lives. Sometimes a major event is the catalyst to start reflecting on our lives. Sometimes we simply want to learn more about ourselves, gain insight into our thoughts and feelings, improve the quality of our lives or relationships, or just have someone to talk to who will listen to our story and support us as we work through our difficulties. We believe that the collaborative relationship between the therapist and the client is an important part of the process. We offer compassion, knowledge, experience and a listening space to help nurture your personal and emotional growth. You are the expert on yourself and your life and we will work with you to facilitate you on a journey of self-exploration and self acceptance.

Teenagers & Young People

Being a teenager and a young person is a particularly challenging time of life. Neurobiological changes, family issues, relationships and a pressured social or academic environment can all cause difficulties for young people. We offer a safe space for a young person to share their difficulties. It isn’t always easy for a young person to talk about what is worrying them and sometimes they don’t even know what the problem is. We give young people the support and space to help them make sense of their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. This can help young people to cope with and solve their own problems and leads to developing healthier ways of managing their emotions and difficulties.

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